> Pyrethroids fomulatiopn for agriculture

75% Tribenuron-Methyl WDG
from update time 2015-06-20

The product is a selective sulfonylurea herbicide. It can be absorbed by stem leaf and root.  It transfers inside plant and hinders acetolactate synthtase to restrain the synthesis of valine and isoleucine to prevent the break of cell and lead to kill weed.
1.The product should be used during 3-5 period of jointing stage, using a higher rate in the rate range for heavy infestations of grass age.
2.The application rate is 1.2-2 g/mu. after 10 -14 days of application, you will observe  weeds are restrained and necrosis., The plant will be withered 30 days late. The unwithered plant also will be restrained slowly.



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